Grab that PB


We aim to improve you as a sportsperson and evolve your performance. We assess your current capabilities and
limitations, plan your path to improvement and help you achieve.

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Evolve to achieve your best. We investigate every aspect of your performance – mental, physical, technical and nutritional – and look to improve each aspect, ensuring you develop the capacity to perform at your desired level.

After an initial consultation, covering your sporting and injury history and your personal motivations and constraints, we conduct a series of tests, at 3 separate sessions. These give us a comprehensive, objective assessment of your baseline capacity and include: strength assessments (musculoskeletal performance, neuromuscular power, core strength and balance); cardio-respiratory conditioning tests (lactate threshold, VO2Max); sport specific movement analysis (dynamic movement and skills competency); energy metabolism (RMR test); and a 1-1 consultation to discuss your mental approach to training and competition.

Once a baseline is established we look for areas to enhance and design training programs in consultation with you. These programs seek to help you improve your performance and protect you against injury, whilst fitting into your everyday life. They include sport specific strength, conditioning and training programs and a sports nutrition plan, for training and racing. Each program is adjusted 3-4 times as you progress and covers 6 months of training and competition.

Additionally, we include 3 x 1-1 conditioning sessions, 3 x 1-1 coaching sessions and 2 x 1-1 race consultations. The first coaching and conditioning sessions run through the program basics and the second and third assess progress. The race consultations take place by arrangement and assist you in your mental preparation and race strategy. Finally, we support you as you progress by skype/phone (1hr each month) and e-mail (unlimited).

Over 60 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £3,000 (if bought separately). Achieve your best!