Skills, drills and thrills


Suitable for 12-18 year olds, our services are focussed on developing you in a specific sporting context. We analyse
key mental, physical and technical drivers in your sport and train you in them.

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Skills, drills and thrills is a functional development program for aspiring athletes. Tailored to your sporting context (e.g. dynamic team sports, explosive sports, endurance sports) it develops key attributes, fundamental to success. Groups of up to 3 are welcome but should be interested in the same sporting area.

Initially, our CRB checked coaches meet you to learn about you (adults welcome). Subsequently, we conduct 2 testing sessions (2-3hrs each), focussed on strength, conditioning and sports-specific skills. These include: a musculoskeletal screen, dynamic movement analysis, functional explosive power test and body composition scan to assess athleticism; resting metabolic rate, sub-maximal VO2Max and anaerobic capacity tests to identify physiological drivers; a series of role-play exercises to help determine mental preparedness; and sports specific simulations which assess skill levels, anticipation and tactical awareness. Testing protocols have been adapted to engage young athletes. They are: age, gender and maturation appropriate; and interesting, informative and enjoyable.

Following testing, we develop programs which: develop the correct sporting foundations; increase resilience to injury; and fit around other commitments. These include: strength & conditioning programs bespoke to you and your sport; and skill acquisition and dynamic movement drills. Programs are progressed 3-4 times over 6 months to match your progression.

We help you train, providing 3 conditioning, coaching and skill acquisition sessions. More discounted sessions can be purchased if desired. Interactive nutrition and sports psychology seminars are also conducted, so athletes understand the importance of nutrition and the mind in sport. Finally, we provide mentoring, support and guidance via e-mail.

Over 30 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £2,250 (if bought separately). Cherish the journey!