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Our premium youth training package for 13-18 year olds looking to take the next step in their sporting journey, be it
representative recognition, academy selection or competitive success. 6 months of guidance, support and training

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Your dedicated, CRB checked, sports scientist is matched to you due to their knowledge and understanding of your sport and circumstances. At an initial meeting, we discuss your personal and sporting background and your ambitions for the future (adults are welcome). You meet our team and we explain how we will assist you.

At a series of 3 x 2-3 hour assessment sessions we test your mental preparedness, physiological capacity, technical capabilities and nutritional habits. This includes: sport specific simulations to test mental robustness; musculoskeletal screen, dynamic movement analysis and functional explosive power test to assess athleticism; lactate threshold, VO2Max, anaerobic capacity and dynamic lung function tests to identify cardio-respiratory capacity; further sports specific simulations to determine skill levels, particularly anticipation and tactical awareness; sweat and RMR tests, body composition scan and dietary review to analyse nutritional habits. Testing protocols have been adapted to engage young athletes. They are: age, gender and maturation appropriate; and interesting, informative and enjoyable.

We discuss test results, providing a report to you, responsible adults and coaches (if desired). In consultation, we identify areas for improvement and analyse your existing training regime to see what adjustments can be made, either designing completely new programs or adapting your existing ones. Such programs cover strength, conditioning, skill acquisition, dynamic movement drills and a detailed nutrition plan (for home and sport) We provide iterations of these programs as you progress, for 6 months.

Once the plan is in place, we help you implement it. Key 1-1 coaching, conditioning, skill acquisition and competition intensity sessions provide training support (10 hours total). We provide dietary recommendations (recipes, cooking tips, preferred suppliers, selected supplements, etc). And we offer 2 competition consultations, one focussed on your mental preparation, the other on competitive nutrition strategy. Finally, we support you as you progress by skype/phone (1hr each month) and e-mail (unlimited).

Over 35 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £2,600 (if bought separately). Stretch yourself to achieve!