Ready to Play


Comprehensive package of services to support your return to sport safely and to optimum affect.

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Our Ready to Play offer gives you the support you need to safely return to sport and to perform capably, building a foundation that will enable you to flourish in the future.

Initially, we will meet with you to learn more about you and, in 2-3 sessions, conduct a series of assessments, focussed heavily on your physiology, technique and diet. These will include: a musculoskeletal screen, functional movement analysis and body composition test to assess your preparedness for sport; a neuromuscular power assessment and appropriate technique analysis to evaluate your power and how well you apply it to dynamic movement; and a RMR and sub-maximal VO2Max Test to assess your cardiovascular fitness.

Following testing, we will develop appropriate programs that: help you meet your sporting ambitions; maximise your chances of remaining injury free; and, perhaps most importantly, fit around your life and your constraints. This will include strength & conditioning and training programs specific to your sport and your level of competence. Each program will be adjusted 3-4 times as you progress and cover the first 6 months of your return to sport.

Additionally, we will provide 2, 1-1 personal conditioning sessions and 2, 1-1 personal coaching sessions. The first session in each, will demonstrate the program basics to you and the second will assess your progress. Finally, we will help you as you progress by skype/phone (1hr each month) or e-mail (unlimited).

Over 30 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £2,200 (if bought separately). Great times!