Family Fun


A truly unique family experience, we treat you as a single group but tailor the testing, programming and training
to suit each of you individually. What’s more we design our programs so that you can train together part of the time

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We understand the importance of family and that modern lives often keep us apart much of the week. Once kids develop their sporting interests, much of this time is also spent apart (or with parents on the sidelines). The Family Fun package re-engages the whole family, around their sporting interests. We stimulate the mind, condition the body, enhance the technique and improve the diet of each family member.

Initially, we assess you at 2-3 separate sessions. In the first, we focus on screening your strength, conditioning and dynamic movement, in the context of each of your favoured sports. CRB checked coaches oversee the session to ensure that they are challenging, educational and enjoyable but also give us the necessary baseline data. At the next session we assess cardio-respiratory conditioning (including VO2Max tests), walking biomechanics and conduct individual running, cycling or swimming technique analyses (you each get to choose). In parallel, we review your family’s dietary habits.

We utilise the information gathered to develop individual training programs for each family member covering strength, conditioning, sports specific movement and technique. These programs identify family sessions and group sessions which can be conducted together, at home, outside or in a gym. Active games are incorporated which are designed to promote movement skills relevant to your sports. We also provide a dietary plan with advice on sample menus, cooking techniques, food and supplement sourcing guidance.

We then support you in implementing the plans. We provide, in total: 6 family coaching and conditioning sessions; a food preparation and cooking session (with plenty of healthy snacks on the menu!); and a family ‘brunch’ seminar that discusses competition and how to physically and mentally prepare for it, with some interesting exercises in team work and trust. Finally, you receive monthly meal plans and Diet Evolution membership, giving you access to our database of recipes, food preparation tips and food sourcing guidance (launching mid 2018).

If you were to break down this package into its components it would cost over £6,000 for a family of 4. By training you together we can give you the same level of service for under £100 per week.