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We help you recover from injury and protect you against future reoccurrence. Get over the frustration of sitting on
the sidelines and see the light at the end of your tunnel.

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Every athlete experiences injury at some stage. The initial assessment and possible surgery are shocking, but the long, seemingly endless, path to recovery is full of frustration and boredom. We aim, in consultation with your medical team, to accelerate and enhance your rehabilitation experience.

Having thoroughly assessed your case, we conduct a series of practical tests (2-3 sessions), tailored to your stage of rehabilitation. These include: a strength and conditioning screen to identify the injury’s impact on strength, power, balance and flexibility; a sports specific movement analysis to see how your movements now respond to the demands of your sport; a RMR analysis to assess your energy needs; and a 1-1 consultation to discuss your current fears and uncertainty and future objectives.

Having got the data, we start planning your path back. We provide: a progressive, sports specific, strength and conditioning program; a dietary plan to support training but also manage weight gain; and provide techniques to build mood, self-confidence and goal orientation during this frustrating time.

We also help you implement the plan, providing: 6 tailored personal coaching and personal conditioning sessions; weekly dietary assistance and meal planning; 2 back-to-action preparation sessions, helping you overcome remaining mental or physical barriers; and contact with a personal coach via skype/phone (2 hours per month) and e-mail (unlimited). Finally, we reassess you at the end of rehab to ensure compensatory asymmetries that have arisen as a result of injury are identified and addressed.

Over 30 hours of dedicated support in a package worth over £2,000 (if bought separately). Move forwards!