Reach the Podium


Our premium support package for those looking to qualify competitively in their age group, win at the worlds or take
the next step in their sporting career. With a dedicated, lead point of contact, no stone is left unturned.

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Your dedicated sports scientist is matched to you due to their knowledge and understanding of your circumstances. At an initial consultation we discuss your personal and sporting background and your ambitions for the future. We introduce you to our team and explain how we can assist you.

At a series of 3-4 assessment sessions we test your mental preparedness, physiological capacity, technical capabilities and nutritional habits. We assess: musculoskeletal foundation, neuromuscular power generation, dynamic movement competency, cardiovascular conditioning (anaerobic capacity, lactate threshold and VO2Max), respiratory function (inspiratory muscle strength, dynamic lung function), technical aptitude and sports specific skills, body composition and energy metabolism (including RMR), sports nutrition strategy (incorporating sweat test) and dietary habits.

We discuss test results, providing a report to your coaches (if desired). In consultation, we identify areas for improvement and analyse your existing training regime to see what adjustments can be made, either designing completely new programs or adapting your existing ones. Such programs cover strength, conditioning, sport specific training and a full nutrition plan (for home and sport, including training and racing). We provide iterations of these programs as you progress, for 6 months.

Once the plan is in place, we help you implement it. Key personal coaching, conditioning and biomechanical support is available to you (7 hours total) for 1-1 sessions. We give you access to our on-line dietary resources (recipes, cooking tips, preferred suppliers, selected supplements, etc). And we offer 3 race consultations to help you mentally prepare for the challenges ahead. Finally, we support you as you progress by skype/phone (1hr each month) and e-mail (unlimited).

Over 70 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £4,600 (if bought separately). The difference, captured!