Step Up Youth


Suitable for young sportspeople, aged 10-15. Focussed upon giving you the foundations, abilities and understanding
to take your sport to the next level. Tailored programs, training and support for 6 months. Maximum group size = 3.

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The Step Up program builds functional foundations that help you develop, whilst giving you a glimpse of the dedication and focus it takes to excel. Groups of up to 3 are welcome but should have similar sporting interests (e.g. dynamic team sports; explosive sports; endurance sports – contact us if uncertain).

Initially, we meet to learn more about you and subsequently conduct 2 testing sessions (2-3hrs each), focussed on strength and conditioning foundations and sports specific skill levels. These include: a musculoskeletal screen, dynamic movement analysis and body composition test to assess preparedness for sport; an assessment of explosive power and how well you apply it to dynamic movements to analyse movement competency; a sub-maximal VO2Max Test to test cardiovascular fitness; and bespoke activities which assess sport specific skills, anticipation and tactical awareness. The importance of all the tests is clearly explained and they are adapted both to suit and engage youth athletes.

Following testing, we develop programs which: develop the correct sporting foundations; increase resilience to injury; and fit in with other commitments. These include: a strength & conditioning training program tailored to you and your sport; and a sports specific skill acquisition and dynamic movement skills program. The programs are progressed 3-4 times over a 6 month period.

To help follow the programs the package includes 2 x personal conditioning, 2 x personal coaching and 2 x skill acquisition sessions. More sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate if desired. Finally, we provide mentoring, support and guidance via e-mail (unlimited).

Over 25 hours of dedicated professional support and a package of services worth over £1,750 (if bought separately). Fun times!