Leaving it Late


Entered a race and not done enough training? Nervous that you will not complete, or not even start? Niggly injuries
hampering your training? This package is for you. It provides focussed advice to try to get you over the finish line.

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You started with the best objectives: get fit; lose weight; achieve one of your goals. But life or injury or both has got in the way: is it really worth it?

We want you to achieve what you set out to do, but will give you realistic advice if it is not possible. Our free, 30min consultation helps us determine if we can help you and you determine whether you have the time and energy. If we both decide to carry on, we quickly conduct our assessments: a strength and conditioning screen; cardiovascular conditioning tests; sports specific movement analysis; and RMR tests. These give us a much fuller picture of your race preparedness and current conditioning, from which we can develop highly bespoke training programs.

Such programs cover all your training in the lead into the race (strength & conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning and sport specific technical training) and provide a race nutrition strategy, tailored to your physiology.

Once this plan is in place we help you implement it. 2 personal conditioning or personal coaching sessions are included (more can be added) to take you through the programs and help you with any technical adjustments. A member of staff is available by e-mail to answer any questions. And, we also plan a competition consultation, to allay your fears and re-motivate you for the race itself, and a race strategy consultation, to help you plan your race and race nutrition.

In total, we will spend over 20 hours, dedicated to getting you over the line and the services you will receive as part of this package are worth over £1,200 if bought separately. Get back on track!