Bespoke Skills Acquisition Assessment


We analyse your sport for its key technical components that drive performance. We then assess you for these skills
and develop technical drills and sessions to enhance them. Sessions delivered to individuals, teams or groups.

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Great for gifts and for parties – for young and old alike.

Skill acquisition is one of the youngest disciplines within sports science. It focuses upon how we best acquire sports specific skills so that they can be readily recalled and performed consistently, even when under pressure. Research has already shown that simply practising a specific skill (or component thereof) repeatedly in a non-competitive, unrealistic setting does not yield the best results.

This assessment will start with our specialists designing sessions based around your sport. When the session commences (at an agreed venue) we will assess you for key technical attributes. We will then conduct a series of drills and sessions to enhance these techniques that should be both engaging and informative.

Feedback will be provided after each drill and in a written report delivered within 5 working days along with future training recommendations.