Neuromuscular Power


Key power variables are measured for the lower or upper body or both (depending on the sport practised by
the client) using ergometers and free weights.

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Power, the force which you can exert in a given time, is critical to many sporting activities. It is a good measure of your neuromuscular system.

Our ergometer tests (which are quite exertive) determine peak power output and average power output for the lower or upper body or both. In a number of sports (e.g. rowing, cycling) these measures have been shown to be good predictors of performance. Power data can be effective in determining training parameters and race strategies.

We couple our ergometer tests with free weight (e.g. barbell squats) and movement tests (e.g. counter movement jumps) to get a more general idea of your neuromuscular performance.

Our reports will provide useable training baseline data as well as summary conditioning recommendations.