Key Nutrition Support


Tailored nutritional support package that provides the guidance you need to ensure that your family eat well, live
well, train well and race well.

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We analyse your existing dietary habits through a combination of questionnaire, nutrition diary and consultation. We learn your likes and dislikes, the treats which you (and your kids) look forward to. We discover how you source, prepare and cook your food (and the time you have to do this). If you do not have baseline physiological data, we conduct body composition, sweat, RMR and VO2Max tests if you want them (at a discounted rate of £100 pp).

We build a dietary plan for your daily life, and your sporting activity. We provide weekly menus and recipes and supplementation guidance. You just source, prepare and eat your food. We adjust menus to suit your diaries – when you are out and when you are entertaining. We also give you access to our Diet Evolution resources (recipes, food blogs, preferred suppliers list). Finally, a training and competition specific nutrition strategy is provided.