Musculoskeletal screen


Review of your skeletal health, muscular health, deep supporting muscular structures and connective tissue health.

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Musculoskeletal screening uses specific standardised tests and procedures to gain information on, inter alia, your range of motion, flexibility, core strength and functional strength.

The purpose of the screening is to highlight any previous injury and its effects on performance and conditioning, and any inefficiencies which could be a pre determining factor to injury.

We discuss your injury history, your activities and sporting habits. The screening takes 30-45 minutes of mild to moderate exertion and we will report back on issues found during the screening process.

Musculoskeletal screening is a safe effective way of assessing the body for areas that can be improved. So if you are trying to shave time off your PB on your bike, improve your marathon time or you want to return or take up a new sport, screening could benefit you.