Full Nutrition Assessment


We review diet, how you prepare food, the food you buy and your supplementation. We conduct sweat, RMR and
sub-maximal VO2Max tests and assess body composition. Detailed results and recommendations are provided.

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Our comprehensive assessment of your total nutrition requirements, we review your current diet, assess your physiology and then provide a report detailing suggested adjustments you should make.

Our dietary analysis initially involves your completing a questionnaire and comprehensive food and hydration diary. We will use this, when you visit us, as the basis of an in-depth discussion of your diet, your food preparation habits, where and what food you buy and the supplements you take (including where you source these). When at our facility we will also conduct a body composition assessment and sweat test. We will then conduct an RMR test and, finally, a VO2Max test.

Our report will be able to provide you with a thorough understanding of how your physiology extracts energy and how you can improve your dietary habits. We will provide recommendations for your diet and your training and competition needs, including nutrition, hydration and electrolyte requirements.