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We are delighted to be able to welcome you back to Chateau de la Motte Henry for our extensive program of Autumn 2020 retreats. The world has changed in the last few months and we all have to adapt. We are more fortunate than most - running our retreats from a 27 acre Estate certainly helps social distancing - but have made a number of changes to your retreat experience to give you confidence. Join us this Autumn or early in 2021 for a well-earned break from the 'new normal'.

Group Evolution has exclusive use of the Chateau de la Motte Henry Estate for all our retreats. Easy to get to from the UK and Europe via numerous modes of travel and nestled within rural France in the Pays de la Loire, the Chateau is a home away from home. With only our retreat guests and coaches on site, we form our own 'bubble' on retreat, with little external interaction and regular temperature testing on-site.

We have gone to great lengths to analyse our retreats in detail and put in place sensible and extensive measures to keep you safe, whilst maintaining the attention to individual detail and enjoyable social interaction that make our retreats stand out.

Join us with confidence. We can't wait to meet you.


Most activities at our retreats are conducted on-site, set off from the site or are very close to the site. As retreat guests have exclusive use of the venue we are lucky to have complete control over the training environment. Our sports camps are tailored to each individual, with a combination of 1-1, small group and group training. To ensure corona-safety the following measures will be implemented at all sports camps and wellness breaks:

1. Greater use of 1-1 and small group sessions to ensure social distancing;

2. Staggered group activities where facilities mean that the whole group training together would compromise safety. This depends upon the number of attendees and is activity specific (see below);

3. Spaced starts with rear and forward guides to help maintain a distance between guests where desirable. Guests may be happy to ride or run alongside others, for example, but any that are less comfortable will be able to undertake activities at a safe social distance;


4. Track and open water swim sessions will be set off at intervals to help maintain social distancing, as will time trials and mock races;

5. Travel to offsite activities will be reduced. Where this adversely affects the experience, such activities will be accommodated and guests asked to drive (or cycle) to such venues. Those that cannot will be transferred in our vehicles, wearing masks and spaced out.

6. Strength and conditioning and performance testing activities will take place in the gym, but with a maximum of 3 people allowed in this space at any one time. Instructors in the gym will wear masks.

7. Seminars and daily stretching, pilates and yoga classes will be conducted outside where possible or in our yoga studio. Attendance will be staggered as necessary to ensure safe social distancing.

8. For any non-residential guests, coaches, instructors and therapists, temperatures will be taken on arrival on site and those with high temperatures will be required to leave immediately and not return until their temperature has returned to normal.



Most runs will set off from the Chateau and those that are further will involve a cycle, or socially distanced transfer.


A maximum of 3-4 guests per lane will be allowed in our 25m swimming pool. Pool side coaching, feedback and video analysis will be provided and conducted 1-1, not in group. Corrective technique sessions will be in small groups, a maximum of 5.


All routes will be available for download and mechanical support provided. Bikes will be cleaned daily and stored securely. Riding at a drafting distance of 10m will be the norm.


Classes will be socially distanced outside and within smaller groups inside. All 1-1 sessions, and treatments will take place in accordance with the guidance of relevant professional and medical bodies.

Yoga / Pilates

All mats and associated equipment will be provided in room on arrival, to be kept by each guest during their stay. There will be cleaning and sanitising products available at the end of each session.


All Chateau facilities will be deep cleaned prior to each retreat, using virucidal products which are also environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

Every guest will receive their own towels, yoga mats and washing products on arrival, including sanitisers. All common areas will be cleaned thoroughly each day, with private accommodation tidied and on demand cleaning, towel changes and bed linen changes.

Hand sanitising products will also be available in communal areas, including the gym, exercise studio, swimming pool changing and washing facilities.

All guests will be asked to have their temperature checked prior to breakfast or dinner, each day.

We are really lucky in having multiple dining areas on site. Outside, there are 5 separate dining areas, all of which can accommodate a minimum of 5 people. Inside, the main dining area can usually accommodate 30 people. However, assuming safe social distancing, this will reduce to 15 people. We will use the outside dining areas to their full potential, particularly the rear rose garden which can accommodate 30 people at a safe social distance. As well as setting up the garden we will make use of decorative gazebos, outside lighting and heating to maximise the use of this space. If we are forced inside by severe weather, we will convert one of our lounges into a second dining room, thus enabling us to serve 30 people, in a safe, socially distanced, manner.

We will reduce buffet style dining and, instead provide more at table service for dinner and breakfast and hamper style lunches and snack boxes for lunches and snacks. All our serving staff will wear masks and gloves for better hygiene.

For our family retreats we will make adjustments to sit families together and arrange for them to sample meals in all the wonderfully varied dining locations on site.


Chateau de la Motte Henry is readily accessible from the UK and Europe, with a number of travel options for you to choose from to make you comfortable.

1. Take a ferry to Brittany or Normandy, only 2-3 hours drive from the Chateau.

2. Travel in the comfort and security of your own car via Eurotunnel, only 400 miles from London.

3. Relax on the train, travelling via Eurostar and TGV to Laval, only a 15 min transfer from the Chateau. Only 1 change.

4. Hop a flight to Rennes, Dinard or Nantes or, if you are from further afield. Charles de Gaulle, with private or train transfers.

Our concierge will help you arrange your travel and can provide discounts on certain routes.

Terms of Trust

Secure your place for £1 with our revised booking policy. And don't worry about getting your money back.

Remaining payments for retreats need not be made until the week before you travel. And you have no obligation to make these payments if either travel routes to the Chateau are disrupted due to COVID-19 or you are symptomatic with COVID-19 at the time of the retreat.

In the unfortunate event that this happens in the week leading up to the retreat, once payment has been made, you will receive a full cash refund within 7 days.

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