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coronavirus statement

We feel for all those who have been personally affected and all those in the travel and leisure industries that have had their livelihoods put in question as a result of COVID-19.

We are somewhat fortunate in relation to our camps and retreats as we are located in rural France, are readily accessible by car from most of Western Europe and have a large site that is exclusively occupied by our retreat guests.

Our latest statement detailing our response can be found by clicking the link below. Rest assured we place our guests health and safety at the forefront of our thinking and will only return to full operations at capacity when it is safe to do so for all involved.

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Our Community

We engage fully with each of our communities – our member community, client community and local community – both in the UK and France. We aim to facilitate the creation of thriving ‘collectives’ that grow within each of their areas of interest, as they become better informed, more confident and purposefully active within these communities. We assist by helping to educate, facilitating participation and building lasting relationships.

Become our best.

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We were extremely proud to launch our ‘Healthier you, healthier planet’ initiative early in 2020 which helps our guests minimise their carbon footprint.

We not only offset the carbon cost of travel for our guests but also provide financial incentives for them to travel sustainably. This is all in addition to our own sustainability initiatives that reduce, significantly, the carbon impact of our retreats.

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Our team share a common approach whether founded in a love of sport, wellness or personal creativity. We all believe that it is critical to get to know the individual to help them realise their potential and promote personal growth and wellbeing.

Everyone brings their own expertise and sense of fun to our team, creating an enjoyable, energetic and challenging atmosphere.

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our Partners

We work with socially responsible companies that are established market leaders in their respective fields. Our product partners are at the cutting edge of design and innovation. And our delivery partners provide an unrivalled quality of service to their clients.

All our partnerships are built around mutual respect, common clinical outlook and shared values.

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Become your best

Our mission is to empower our clients to fulfil their potential. Everything we do is grounded in the latest research and tailored to each individual client. We nurture our clients along their journey, providing a knowledgeable and encouraging cocoon of support, within which they can flourish.


We support you in achieving your goals with enthusiasm and encourage and empower you to enjoy your journey.


We offer up to date, state of the art services, grounded in current research and our strong foundational knowledge.


At every step we take into account your needs, your environment, resources that are available to you and your personal schedule.


We utilise high quality, research-proven techniques within welcoming and luxurious environments. All delivered by highly qualified and experienced practitioners.


Our tailored approach consistently delivers the results our clients are looking for, whatever their goals and motivation

Proud of our Clients' Evolution

We are extremely proud when our clients achieve. It takes dedication to reach the heights some of our clients have reached, but we enjoy helping them evolve and pluck the fruit of their labours.

  • Adrian, approaching 50, has wanted to break the 3 hour marathon barrier for over 10 years. In October, he achieved his goal with our help.
  • Marty, mid 40s, took up cycling with our help and his dedication and almost zen-like focus saw him qualify for the age group world championships in 2017.
  • Rebecca, early 40s, ran her first marathon with our guidance and assistance. She trained injury free, enjoying her journey and the race in London. It was so enjoyable she repeated the feat six months later in York.
  • One of our long term clients evolved from sedentary city professional to Ironman triathlete in a little over four years.

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