2021 discovery series


Our 2021 multi-sport symposium will be delivered on-line on Saturday 6th March 2021.

We've brought together an amazing line-up, led by 6 x Ironman world champion, Dave Scott. Dave will be supported by leading UK coaches, Rob Wilby (head coach at Team Oxygen Addict), James Beckinsale (head coach at Optima Racing), Fiona Ford (head coach at Triathlon Europe) and Ray Gibbs (owner and head coach at Swim Canary Wharf). Supported by other members of Group Evolution's team, this day will help you become your best.

You will enjoy a unique interactive experience, with group training, stimulating and informative seminars, interactive cook-alongs and focused, smaller group breakouts. Dave will hold an open-house, wide-ranging session, where you can learn from his years of experience in coaching and the sport of triathlon.

Everyone will get access to recordings of the day. Limited places are available, so don't miss out and book your place today.

Zwift group ride

Led by Rob Wilby, head coach at Team Oxygen Addict, the day starts with a bike training session on Zwift. Get energised and enjoy some banter with the rest of the group.

learn from the man

The 'Man', Dave Scott, will discuss all aspects of endurance sport in an unscripted, live seminar. Submit your questions in advance or through the chat, and learn what it takes to become the best. With over 40 years of practical experience and great technical knowledge, Dave can help you achieve your goals and become your best.

healthy and nutritious food

Fancy some healthy snacks, advice on your nutrition from triathlete Fiona Ford, and a delicious lunch. Group Evolution co-founder, Becky will whip up some healthy snacks that you can enjoy at home or on the road. MSc Sports Nutritionist Fiona Ford will discuss 'fuelling' and why healthy eating is not boring eating. And then cook your lunch along with Becky.

jedi training

James Beckinsale, head coach at Optima Racing, will take you on a journey to a galaxy, far, far away. Discuss your mental preparation for training, racing and, to some extent, life in general. And learn how harnessing the power of your mind is sometimes as important as harnessing the power of the body.

Delve into the detail

Five seminars discussing differing aspects of your training, conditioning and technique. Pre-submit your questions or videos and our experts will use them to draw out the key lessons. Personalised advice, delivered in small groups. Dave Scott, James Beckinsale, Ray Gibbs, Fiona Ford and Barry Williams will host parallel breakout seminars. See the topic areas below.

personal consultations

At the end of the day we have arranged for Fiona, James, Rob and Barry to be available for personal discussions and advice. These are 1-1 discussions on topics of your choosing. When you book just choose the 1-1 consultation of your choice and you will receive all the details about your session in your retreat welcome pack.

yoga for athletes

Helene Brissiet, hopefully based live at the Chateau de la Motte Henry, will deliver a group yoga and meditation class to end our day. Helene, tailors her classes to all levels and will help you end the day relaxed and re-energised.

no need to miss anything

We are recording all day and will, after a quick bit of editing, provide you with access to all the materials from the day. So, if you have to miss a session or two, you won't miss out. You can also look back at some of the key messages in the future to reinforce what you've gleaned.


Everything’s optional, we're recording so you dont miss a thing.

Time Activity
07:30Zwift Bike Training with Team Oxygen Addict
09:45Jedi Mind Training with James Beckinsale
11:00Top 3 Training Snacks - Cook-along
11:30Navigating the food maze with Fiona Ford
12:15Lunch time cook-along
12:50Lunch Break
Time Activity
13:50Welcome Back
14:00Small Group Sessions
15:30Dave Scott answers your questions
17:00Yoga & Meditation
18:001-1 Consultations

small group sessions

running well

Dave Scott will lead a session delving into your running technique. Drawing on key themes coming out of running videos submitted by the group, Dave will discuss how to improve and maintain your technique, demonstrating common exercises that can help you optimise your biomechanics.

reset your swim

Ray Gibbs of Swim Canary Wharf will discuss how best to improve your swimming post lockdown, and why its the perfect opportunity to reset your technique. Rather than jumping back in the pool or open water and rush your return, Ray will discuss how building from the stroke up will lead to greater rewards later in the year.

Gaining ground

James Beckinsale will discuss how you can use your winter cycling, both indoors and outdoors to make lasting gains. Reviewing the participants current cycling activity James will look at how less is often worth more and how to enjoy being outside as spring blossoms.

flexing your approach

Fiona Ford will engage on how to flex your training to the uncertainty of the 2021 race calendar. Looking ahead at your plans Fiona will lead a discussion in how and when to program for that uncertain 'A' race and stay sane if its rearranged yet again.

Optimising your S&C work

Purposeful S&C work helps prevent injury and optimise performance but unfocussed gym sessions add little.

Barry Williams discusses your gym programs and how to make them more effective and tailored to you, without needing to spend money on S&C coaching.


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