Sweat Test Analysis


Our sweat test will allow you to develop a personalised training and race hydration strategy. We can advise you on
the appropriate level of electrolyte replenishment to aim for from fluids drank before, during and after exercise.

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The amount of sweat produced during exercise affects performance. Not only do we need to replace fluids to avoid dehydration, we also need to replace electrolytes which are critical to cellular performance. Simply replacing lost fluids with water can be detrimental as this further dilutes critical electrolytes. Therefore, adopting the right hydration strategy is critical. Notably, the amount of sweat lost can vary up to 15 times between seemingly similar individuals, necessitating an individualised approach.

The Sweat Test takes 30 minutes and is simple, painless, and accurate. As your sweat rate does not materially alter with age or training status it is also a test that you need only conduct once.

A report is provided which suggests a hydration strategy tailored to you, both during training and competition.