Sports Specific Movement Analysis


Our proprietary biomechanical assessment is one of the most comprehensive available, including
kinetic and kinematic reviews of your technique, tailored specifically to your chosen sport.

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Our market-leading technical assessment is fully comprehensive, evaluating movement efficiency and economy in your sport. Similar analyses are often conducted in a single plane of motion, but our analysis determines the critical movement patterns in your sport and then tests you against these patterns. The rotational, explosive and impact movements in netball. The simpler dynamic running patterns in rugby and football. Or the even simpler uni-planar motions in cycling and running. We tailor our kinematic and kinetic analyses to your sport.

Tests will be preceded by a brief questionnaire and will take 1-2 hours depending on the complexity of the sport.

The results of the assessments will be presented in a report which will highlight strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations.