Sport Specific Technique Programmes


Our tailored programs help athletes at all levels improve their technique. We focus upon improving your efficiency
and economy whilst ensuring you have the movement competency and athleticism to compete.

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If you have not been assessed by our team we will interview you by ‘phone or skype and ask you to conduct some field tests to establish baselines (there will be a one-off, additional charge of £50).

We will develop a comprehensive program that fits in with your personal constraints and the demands of your chosen sport. This will provide technical drills and sessions to add to your training program. Time-limited athletes will be given sessions that replace existing training activities without overly jeopardising their overall short term training progress. The sessions will be readily understandable, enjoyable and will vary in intensity. We will consult with you on the effectiveness of the program by e-mail (unlimited) and skype / ‘phone (60mins) and adjust them accordingly. New programs may be sought when skills are properly learnt that are either progressive or address secondary issues. These will be developed at a 33% discount.