Sport Specific Assessment


Unsure what you need? This testing package covers the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and cardio–respiratory
systems. You can choose Base or Advanced packages and we determine the tests most appropriate to your sport.

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On booking these packages we ask you to complete a short questionnaire covering background, injury history and sporting activities. We put together a testing battery specific to your sport and circumstances.

Our Base package includes, at minimum, relevant musculoskeletal screens, neuromuscular assessments of strength and power and cardiovascular tests (usually VO2 Max and one other). This package is best suited to recreational, age group and improving athletes.

Our Advanced package provides additional assessments in these areas as well as respiratory testing. This package suits those that have set more challenging goals; such as aiming to podium, qualify for age-group worlds, or undertake a major test of endurance (ironman, ultra-marathon, etc).

We provide a full report and recommendations within one week and we are available to discuss this via ‘phone or skype.