Sport Nutrition Support


We provide tailored dietary planning, personalised to your specific physiology, life style, training schedule and your
competitive schedule.

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We analyse your existing dietary habits through a combination of questionnaire, nutrition diary and consultation. We analyse your competitive and training schedule and discuss your training phases, key race goals and season objectives. If you do not have baseline physiological data, we conduct body composition, sweat, RMR and VO2Max tests if you want them (at a discounted rate of £150).

We build a sports nutrition plan for all your sporting activity. This includes nutritional support for your training, specifically pre-session loading, in-session nutrition and hydration and post race recovery, all adjusted for intensity. And it includes race specific support, tailored to your event schedule and goals. We also provide supplementation guidance. We also give you access to our Diet Evolution resources (recipes, food blogs, preferred suppliers list).