Personal Skill Acquisition Sessions


Hourly training sessions which focus on developing your sports specific skills, within the context of your personal
goals and competitive schedule.

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Skill acquisition is one of the youngest disciplines within sports science. It focuses upon how we best acquire sports specific skills so that they can be readily recalled and performed consistently, even when under pressure. Research has already shown that simply practising a specific skill (or component thereof) repeatedly in a non-competitive, unrealistic setting does not yield the best results.

Our practitioners will work closely to help you enhance your sports specific skills and techniques so that they can be robustly performed under pressure.
Sessions will be designed to be enjoyable and challenging but to promote skill development in a manner which has sport specific validity. Some improvements will happen quickly but most will need a period of training adaptation. We will be available between sessions to help you progress.

Duets and groups considered by arrangement (with appropriate discounts to the single rate).