Personal Consultation


Choose a convenient location to book a personal consultation which will explore the psychological hurdles to your
performance and practical interventions that help. Your report will guide you in implementing these strategies.

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This service aims firstly to identify and evaluate any hurdles that you may have and secondly to explore what strategies are most likely to help you surmount them.

We explore with you (or your nominated team leader) any recent performance or training issues and how you consider they arose. We discuss with you motivations, feelings during competition and training. We may ask for a more detailed insight into group dynamics or the wider situation (which you are perfectly free not to discuss). We explore possible hurdles and suggest certain strategies to help overcome them, in the context of your sport.

If you are a group, we ask each member and, if applicable, your coach to complete a questionnaire separately prior to the consultation and report back our findings to your nominated team leader. Wider group seminars can be conducted by arrangement.