Personal Conditioning


Our team will provide a professional personal conditioning service to athletes, guiding you to achieve your strength
and conditioning objectives either at our facilities or, if preferred and permitted, your own.

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We provide a highly personalised personal conditioning service. This involves establishing a full picture of our athletes’ physiology, their injury and competitive history and their personal circumstances and stressors in an initial consultation. We then closely work with you to develop physiological strength and conditioning that is consistent with your sporting and personal objectives, delivered in light of your personal constraints. This cover musculoskeletal and neuromuscular development and cardio-respiratory conditioning. We propose bespoke packages, consistent with your goals and personal circumstances.

We educate and support you in your journey and refine, adapt and progress training as you progress, but always in the personalised context. Our practitioners become available to you by e-mail between sessions to provide even further support, guidance and clarification.