Personal Coaching Sessions


Identified a skills weakness? A problem during a phase of your race? Unsure of your form in S&C sessions? Take
advantage of our coachesÂ’ wealth of experience at our 1-1 sessions, where we can refine your performance..

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Our practitioners will work closely with you to refine your performance and attempt to ensure you overcome any persistent mental, physical and technical barriers and perform to your optimum.

Some areas may be largely resolved in a single session and others may take a longer period of direct coaching and deliberate practice between sessions. We will happily adapt your sessions to suit. And we see these sessions as fluid: you are getting access to our expertise and we need to ensure that you fully benefit: you may move on from the initially most pressing matter and find, even between sessions, that you wish to explore others. Our coaches will be available between sessions to adjust your training and session plans accordingly.

Duets and small groups considered by arrangement (with appropriate discounts to the single rate).