Personal Coaching


Our team will provide a professional personal coaching service to athletes, guiding them to achieving their goals.
Coaches will assess their athletes, plan their training and oversee its implementation.

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Our team have coaching qualifications in a number of sports that supplement their sports-related degrees. Once a free initial consultation is booked we contact you to provide further background information.

At the initial consultation we discuss your circumstances and your sporting ambitions. We attempt to tailor a coaching package that suits you, with a coach you can work with. Packages are flexible – from those including full assessments, sports and S&C programming, training and several guided 1-1 sessions; to those where contact is more remote, assessments more limited and programming more targeted. We will attempt to meet your needs and deliver what you require at a realistic and affordable price.

Due to the time and effort that goes into our personalised coaching packages, athletes will need to be prepared to commit to a 1 year arrangement, following a short probationary period.