Event Specific Training Support


Competition specific packages tailored to you and your goals. Highly suited to those new to particular events or
those attempting to hit particular objectives. The program will progress every 4-5 week cycle, leading into the event.

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Our event specific 12-24 week programs are designed by degree qualified sports scientists. We interview you by ‘phone or skype and ask you to conduct field tests to establish baseline data if you do not have this available (there will be a one-off, additional charge of £50 if this is necessary).

We analyse the event in detail and develop a training program that responds to its demands and your own strengths, weaknesses and personal constraints. This will cover musculoskeletal and neuromuscular development, cardio-respiratory conditioning and relevant technical training in your discipline. We will consult with you on the effectiveness of the program by e-mail (unlimited) and skype / ‘phone (30mins per training cycle). This is not a coaching package, but provides many of the benefits at much less cost.