Endocrine Function


The body’s endocrine system is responsible for the production and maintenance of hormone levels. Many are critical
to sports performance. We facilitate two series of blood tests, a basic sports check and a full function check.

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Our base option assesses core hormones (testosterone, oestradiol and thyroid stimulating hormone) and key body functions (full blood count, liver and kidney function). This test can be carried out with a finger-prick sample, provided sufficient blood is collected. We collect the blood and provide you with a report which interprets the results and provides recommendations.

Our advanced option assesses more key hormones (testosterone, DHEAs, oestradiol, cortisol and FSH) and the same body functions (full blood count, liver and kidney function). A full cholesterol profile, CRP-hs (an inflammation marker) and markers of metabolic health are included. As are critical vitamin levels (D, B12 and folate). A venous blood sample is required and we can arrange for this to be done for you at home or nearby clinics (at an additional charge).

We report back to you within 7 days, detailing results and interpreting what they mean for you.