Cycling Technique Assessment


Our proprietary assessment is uniquely focussed upon how you move, independently and on your bike, and how you
can move harmoniously together. Suitable for all cyclists: youth, recreational and elite. Much more than a bike fit!

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Efficiency and economy are critical factors in cycling performance. These are driven by biomechanics and can be improved.

We start by reviewing personal background, cycling history, current equipment and future goals. Our functional cycling screen then assesses movement capacity and competency and musculoskeletal and neuromuscular physiology. Next, we look in detail at your biomechanics. We assess lower limb kinetics and determine foot biomechanics using IMU sensors. On the bike we assess cycling position (joint angles, asymmetries and muscular activation), pedalling efficiency (recording your pedal stroke in two planes) and cardio-respiratory economy. Finally, we determine your power output bi-laterally at various levels of resistance. During the assessment we will adjust your bike set up and discuss your riding comfort to find a more optimal position.

Assessments are conducted on both the Wattbike Pro and your own bike (if available). We report back to you within 7 days, detailing results, interpreting them for you and providing training recommendations.