Our unique sports camps, wellness breaks and creative escapes provide our guests with tailor-made, individualised programs delivered by the leading experts in their fields. Add-in the delicious, healthy food, great camaraderie and amazing Chateau location, and we are proud to help create wonderful memories for all.

So, as the coronavirus continues to challenge us all, we are bringing our special brand of retreat to you, at home and on-line, in the Group Evolution Discovery Series. Our team of experts delivers up-to-the-minute advice on how to not only maintain your physical, nutritional and mental health, but also how to improve, grasping the opportunity to reset and reflect.

Our on-line retreats are not another 'opportunity' to sit in front of a screen. Days are balanced with group exercise classes and interactive sessions, alongside informative seminars. And the day will provide you with the opportunity to focus on your particular needs. A range of small group breakouts, often requiring pre-submitted information, are hosted by our experts who give feedback and guidance, tailored to you. And you can book 1-1 consultations from all our experts at the end of the day.


The Discovery Series

Discover us, uncover your potential.



sports symposium

6th march 2021

Join us on-line. Group bike sessions and yoga for triathletes. Interactive seminars, focused on mental, nutritional and physical improvement.

The latest advice from GE’s stellar coaching line up: James Beckinsale, Fiona Ford, Ray Gibbs, Rob Wilby and ‘the Man’, Dave Scott. 1-1 consultations, small group focus and whole group sessions.

And if you can't make every session or want to look back at what's been presented, recordings from the event will be available to you. A day like no other.


embrace opportunity

wellness reset

20th march 2021

Join us on-line. Group pilates, yoga and exercise classes. Interactive seminars, focused on mental, nutritional and physical wellbeing. Healthy cook-alongs, inspiring journeys and useful tips on how to embrace lockdown and grasp the opportunity to reset.

The latest advice from GE’s wonderful line up: Ruth Devlin, Haley Justice, Annabel Kukulski, Jackie Lynch, Linda Segerstam and Fiona Ford. 1-1 consultations, small group focus and interactive whole group sessions.

Review the day's events on your own recording. Reset and reflect.


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