Cardiovascular Conditioning


Utilising market leading equipment, our cardiovascular assessments will provide critical information for your future
training regimen and establish a baseline which can be retested to determine training response.

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We provide a multiple assessment package to get a more complete view of cardiovascular fitness than any one test provides alone.

Our VO2 Max Test is conducted using the Korr Cardio Coach CO2, to provide a reliable indicator of aerobic capacity. It can be conducted sub-maximally on the treadmill or bike, whilst wearing a mask. We can also perform a maximal test for more advanced athletes.

Whilst a high VO2 Max is important in endurance events, the ability to sustain a high per cent of VO2 Max without fatigue is also crucial. We offer our athletes an indication of this using a lactate threshold test.

Finally, we measure anaerobic capacity using the Wingate, RAST or Arm Crank test protocols (selected based upon primary sport). This is another important determinant of cardiovascular fitness.

A report explaining results and recommendations is provided.