Running Club


Richmond Park, Ladderstile Gate or Wimbledon Common, Windmill – 8.00-9.00pm (tbc)
‘Try before you buy’ invite to our free Members running club, overseen by Performance Evolution practitioners.
Mixed-ability sessionsthat are fun but stretch you. Focus varies each week e.g. technique, speed development, etc.

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Come along to see if you like our member only running club. We encourage our members to get together socially. Our free, member only, running club is serious training in a social environment. Well-designed sessions for all abilities will stretch attendees but in a way designed to open their eyes to new styles or types of training session.

At the same time we will ensure that the sessions retain a fun and light-heartedly competitive element. As they will commence during the competitive season for most sports the sessions are focused on enhancing performance rather than building foundations.