Looking forward to 2022

the group evolution covid guarantee

We are looking forward to 2022, with a full calendar of retreats for you to savour, all offering amazing value, memorable experiences and a well-earned break from the new normal.

We know everything is dogged by uncertainty at the moment and that is precisely why we are helping you to plan for the best without fearing the worst. Our COVID guarantee gives you piece of mind that, should things not improve as quickly as we all hope, you are protected. And, to us, that doesn't mean just offering you a deferred place on a future retreat, it means refunding your money in full and doing so within 7 days.

Look forward with us into 2022, not back!

The Guarantee

Our payment terms differ by retreat but, whatever you've paid and whenever you've paid it, we will provide you with a full cash refund within 7 working days of your informing us that you cannot attend your retreat for any of the reasons laid down below. And, yes, that includes travel if you have chosen one of our travel inclusive packages.

Our COVID guarantee covers you in any of the following circumstances:

  • You have tested positive for COVID-19 and are still symptomatic (have not had an all-clear test)
  • You are in a period of compulsory self-isolation because you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and this has (or will) disrupt your attendance
  • Valid travel insurance cannot be obtained due to restrictions on entry either imposed by France or your country of origin
  • The retreat cannot proceed due to restrictions imposed on the venue by the French authorities
  • The number of attendees able to attend makes the retreat uneconomical to run.


We ask that you inform us by e-mail as soon as you are aware that any of the circumstances above have occurred

move ahead into 2022