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Your chance to win Christmas Competition, Secure your Escape to our Chateau We will only send you relevant information from Group Evolution and we do not sell data to third parties. 1st Prize £1,500 Voucher Towards your 2024 Retreat 2nd Prize £1,000 Voucher Towards your 2024 Retreat 3rd Prize £500 Voucher Towards your 2024 Retreat…

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Black Friday Weekend Landing Page

Amazing Black Friday Offers Access Subscriber Only Black Friday Offers by 22nd November We will only send information relevant to your interests. We do not sell data to third parties. 60% off 10 PLACES AT 2024 WELLNESS RETREATS 50% OFF 8 PLACES AT 2024 CREATIVE RETREATS 50% OFF 10 PLACES AT 2024 SPORTS RETREATS 40%…

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Free energy – the holy grail

Do you hate the off season? Do you hate the gym and see little point in strength and conditioning? Or are you on the road to enlightenment and see some value in gym work in improving your resilience to injury. Most of us see gym work as unnecessary, or, at most, a necessary evil. However, well-designed and targeted strength and  conditioning programmes improve not only our resilience to injury but also our biomechanical and physiological efficiency. Such programmes are also dynamic, challenging and, best of all, enjoyable. The ‘free energy’ that is harnessed helps take our performance to the next level.

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